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Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday I've got Friday on my mind...

... mostly because I can't keep up with my photos.  And I have a bunch of reading to do for class in the morning, so this will be quick and dirty.

These are un-edited photos from my Olympus Stylus.

I mentioned in my last post that I walked to Cambridge on Friday afternoon. This is the view from the bridge to Cambridge from Fenway, of the bike path I blogged about last week. As you can see, it runs right along Storrow Drive on the right, and it's very narrow. Storrow is busy avenue pretty much all the time.

Boston University crew practice..

 This is a little wooden plank bridge that is part of the bike path - it juts out over the river because the base of the railroad bridge is anchored on the shoreline there.  As you can see, when there is one biker on the bridge, there's really not room for much else. 

And this is the Boston skyline, looking east on the river, from the bridge. I am zoomed in pretty far with my little point and shoot on this one.

These next 2 series are sunset progressions, shot using pretty much the same composition over time. It was a beautiful sunset. We were hanging out on a floating dock that is situated off the bike path, to the east of our neighborhood.  For these shots, I used the "sunset" scenic setting on my camera, which deepens the colors in the sky for me, so I get a truer representation of what I am seeing with my naked eye:

This series are some zoomed-in shots. The colors in the sky were amazing:

And these are the people who were watching the sunset with me:

 Koh, Janelle, Christopher (hamming it up!)

 Christiano, Paul, Janelle in back, Gabe and Ryan foreground (they have no idea the camera is on them)

 Julia, Christiano, Paul in back, Gabe and Ryan foreground again

 Allegra and Koh (a more intentional shot)

 Christiano, Paul, Janelle, Ryan, Christopher, Manny

Our motley crew - look at that sky!

Just two more shots - the water was purple at the end of sunset, and we were being watched by some ducks... we were all very careful not to feed them, but they were convinced that they could break us down, so they hung around a long time...