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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here we are in Carat's guest suite at the house. She is helping me read some student papers. She has met Stanley and Mickey through the door of the cat carrier and through the baby gate that is now installed in the doorway - with a 3-foot tall foam barrier above it to keep anyone from jumping over it. Not that anyone has even thought about jumping the gate. Frankly, Stanley seems to be terrified of Carat, who keeps staring him down!

Today Carat met our vet - she wasn't happy about it, but she has so far been willing to tolerate all the poking. She got a rabies shot, and some ointment for her itchy ear, which seems to have helped and should keep her comfortable until they can clean out her ears on Wednesday and remove the little polyp she has in her left ear. The vet said she would be sleepy from the shot, but maybe her other two Moms could tell us how we can tell the difference between usually sleepy Carat and sleepy from the shot Carat :-).