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Monday, June 24, 2013

It's about power, not sex, whoever the victim is

There's a new article in the New York Times this morning about sexual assault in the military.  Before the homophobes in Congress try to twist this issue into being about how lifting the ban on homosexuality being a mistake, we should consider this quote from the article:

"Many sexual assaults on men in the military seem to be a form of violent hazing or bullying, said Roger Canaff, a former New York State prosecutor who helped train prosecutors on the subject of military sexual assault for the Pentagon. “The acts seemed less sexually motivated than humiliation or torture-motivated,” he said."

Rape, whatever the gender of the victim, is about domination, violation, humiliation, and physical or emotional abuse. Straight men who hunger for the domination and humiliation of the people who rank below them in the military can probably act on that motivation easily enough, regardless of whether or not they feel physically or sexually attracted to one gender or the other.