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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fireworks photos

I love my Canon Rebel T3i!

I took so many pictures of fireworks 2 weeks ago, but these were some of the more unique images I captured.  These are unedited, except for being reduced in size for the web.

 At first, I was zoomed out pretty far - that white spot on the right is the moon.  Most of these photos were taken with a shutter speed between 3.2 and 5 seconds.
After a while, I zoomed in some more, to get better images - as you can see, the moon is not included in some of these zoomed-in images.
Eventually, though, I had to zoom back out, as the firework bursts got closer together and larger in the sky - the the reappearance of the moon.
This is one of my finale images.  I took this at a 5 second exposure, to capture multiple bursts in one image. I particularly love the white trails, because they make this look like a bouquet of flowers.  My friend Brian pointed out the little stars at the base, which I also like.