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Monday, March 15, 2010

Man, Stanley HATES going to the vet!

So, today we took the two boys to the vet, for their annual physical - although technically they haven't been to the vet in several years, so it's hardly an annual physical - as part of getting ready for the introduction of their new roommate, Carat, into the household. Anyway, Stanley is a total cranky-pants after going to the vet, always has been, in fact, he's a total crankypants if anyone goes to the vet... just the smell of the vet on Mickey gets him all hissy and aggressive.

So, now they are all up to date on their shots. And, of course, because he's technically my cat, the vet thought he had a mass in his belly when she was giving him his exam. I say of course because with my history of cancer, mass is the magic word, as you can imagine. She says she's pretty sure it was just his colon, but wants us to bring him back in a few months for another exam anyway. For those of you who know me, or perhaps even just for those of you who are cancer survivors yourselves, you can imagine how quickly my mind went from mass to cancer to losing my little buddy - 0-65 in 5 seconds flat.

The vet also introduced us to this new stuff, called Feliway, which is a pherimone spray that's supposed to make cats happy in stressful situations. So... here's hoping it will help pacify Stanley and Mickey during their early encounters with Carat's presence in the house!

Carat and her Mommies arrive on Friday night, and Carat meets our vet on Saturday morning... I know, I know, you're thinking, THAT isn't going to help Stanley relax! But I think if we are going to have the stress of bringing her in the house, let's just get it all out of the way up front.

Anyway, we are excited about her joining our household, even though we have some concern about how Stanley will handle it. I am looking forward to have a girl kitty in the house again, and she has such a sweet face...